Mozilla just laid off 70 fantastic people. If you can help them - open positions, offering helpful conversations and references, anything else - please say so.

Use #MozillaLifeboat as an umbrella tag for easy finding. (It's already flowing on the birdsite.)

If you've been affected, I'm happy to chat directly. Also have some open positions (see rest of this thread). But doesn't have to be today - take time to recover if you can.

Most of all: thank you folks for making the web better.

Let's talk about being anti-establishment.

I have this default attitude of challenging any sort of authority. The 'authority' often shifts from person to person.

At a young age, it was my parents and family who were the authority. In school, it was my teachers, in my job, it's my bosses or whoever is paying me.

And ultimately, the authority is now the Government.

इतिहास मे एक सुल्तान था जो अपने
राज मे चोरी की वारदात नही रोक पा रहा था ,

तब उसने पूरे शहर को जेल मे डाल दिया
क्योकि चोर इन्हीं मे से था ,
क्या क़ाबिल सुल्तान था ??

Would you stay on mastodon (Hope it's not just a fad)


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